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Electric utility infrastructure projects
and business diversification

Our work includes:

We counsel regulated electric utilities and other participants in the electric power industry in connection with their major infrastructure projects and business diversification activities.

Infrastructure projects which we have assisted include independent power projects, co-generation facilities, transmission and distribution facilities, office park and building installations, conduit banks, joint construction projects with other utilities, internal telecom networks, automated meter reading systems, broadband over power line systems, and customer care and billing systems.

Our experience with business diversification activities includes green energy, smart homes, efficiency incentive programs, gas marketing, utility connections services, alarm monitoring, telecom services, right-of-way leasing, duct and conduit leasing, pole attachment, tower leasing, dark fiber leasing, facility make-ready, facility repair and other field crew services, services for telecom and cable operators, and call center services.

Some of our experience:

Representing owner of qualified co-generation facility in resolving dispute over quantity and price of electricity to be sold to a purchasing electric power cooperative.

Representing owners of aluminum smelters as interveners in rate case in persuading regulator to exclude newly completed electric power generating plant from rate base because it was imprudent investment and was not used or useful.

Representing independent power producer awarded concession to build electric power generating plant in dispute with a government authority that granted the concession and electric company intended to purchase capacity and output of facility.

Representing multiple investor-owned, cooperative-owned and government-owned vertically integrated electric power companies in connection with diversification into the telecom sector.

Representing multiple investor-owned vertically integrated electric power companies in connection with voluntary and mandated sharing of rights of way, ducts, conduits, poles, towers, power lines and other infrastructure.

Drafting and negotiating documentation for project development, project finance and commercial transactions;

Advising on regulatory opportunities and risks;

Planning transactions to comply with structural separation and affiliate transaction rules;

Advising on ratemaking and rate case issues;

Advising on line of business restrictions;

Representing clients before electric power, telecom, securities, antitrust and other relevant regulators;

Advising on and negotiating street franchises, easement acquisition and perfection, land condemnation and other legal tools relating to lateral rights of way; and

Negotiating, mediating and arbitrating disputes in the electric power sector.

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